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Becoming a pilot is a fun and rewarding experience. Take your friends and family on exciting adventures! Even relatively short trips that have the potential to save you hours of driving time. For example, our Cessna 172 can make the trip to Ocean City, MD in less than 45 minutes!

Our Courses

Discovery Flights

A Discovery Flight, or introductory flight, provides an opportunity for someone that may never have been flying, to simply try it out. The flight will be with a certified flight instructor who will be able to answer almost any flying related questions you have. We will wear headsets to communicate during the roughly forty-five-minute flight and the instructor will encourage you to participate as much as possible, depending upon your skill and level of comfort, of course. The flight is intended to be a casual and fun introduction to flying.

Private Pilot

Earning a Private Pilot License will allow you to fly most single engine aircraft. A minimum of 40 hours of flight training is required. The training will be both dual and solo, in the local area and to other nearby airports in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Instrument Rating

With additional instruction, an Instrument Rating will allow you to pilot an aircraft solely by reference to the flight instruments, and is required to file and fly at altitudes above 18,000 feet. The rating consists of 40 hours of training in either actual or simulated instrument conditions. While earning this rating, you will learn how to safely plan and execute an instrument flight, making it possible to get to your destination on days that would otherwise keep a VFR pilot on the ground.

Ground School

Obviously, not all of your pilot training is done in the air. Each student pilot must study various topics required by the FAA, and subsequently pass a written examination. There are several methods to complete the ground training in preparation for the written exam. You can take a ground school course offered in a typical classroom setting, sign up for an online course, or study the material under the direction of your flight instructor. Using either method, you will learn all the information you need to pass the private pilot knowledge exam.